We are your technical support. We cover a lot of risks. We will take care about everything.

We offer full service package for support your web projects and online business.

You can hire Web Developer, System administrator, Designer and spent hundred thousand euros per year. Or you can work with us just from 99 euro/month and get help right when you need it and with much less expenses. Our services:

  • Stability checks
  • System monitoring
  • System backup
  • Security monitoring
  • Small features development
  • Bug fixes
  • Server administration
  • Content management
  • Design works
  • Security updates and revision and more

Select you Plan and Join now.


How it works?


Sign up with any package which best fit for your needs.


After sign up - we will setup our monitoring and backup systems for your project


In case you have problem or development request (software, design, content etc) - contact us with Email, Skype or Ticket system;


Depending on your request - you will get help or solution in shortest possible time.


If our monitoring system shows any problems on web sites - we will solve it as fast as possible, without disturbing you.

You will get report about problems, which have been fixed by us;

+ For sure - monitoring, stability checks and support engineers’ works 24/7.

Some facts:

  • We have on board best web developers, system administrators, web and graphic designers, IT advisors and quality assurance engineers to help you.
  • All our packages include help from all these specialists.
  • In case urgent problems - our notification system will inform our engineers and we will fix problems without waiting confirmation from you.

Case studies

Company AAA has website with online shop. 3-4 times per month they need to make A/B tests for conversion optimization. With our Basic Package - company AAA works with our design team and creates new pictures and langing pages. Our programming team setup A/B test service to website. Our consulting team gives advices about A/B testing strategy. All works included in package Basic with 599 euro / month price.

Company BBB has small corporate website and uses our Monitoring Package. Some day they were faced with hackers attack. Website was broken and some of data was deleted. Right after incident - Iteora monitoring system notifies our system administrators’ team. After 15 minutes all passwords were changed. After 1 hour all deleted data were restored from backup. Also our team connects with company BBB hosting provider and starts investigating how with incident was possible.

Company CCC has small business and they can’t hire Web developer, because it is too expensive. But Company CCC has very fast growing business and need new features for website and new landing pages. After hard and unsuccessful work with freelancers - they sign up in our Basic support Package. Now, only for 599 euro/month company CCC can focus on their business goals - IT part covered by Iteora Support. After 6 month using Basic Package they moved to Enterprise Package.


Please, choose your package.

99 Monthly
  • Backup system
  • Alert notification system
  • Up server in case of problems - contact with hosting
599 Monthly
  • Backup system
  • Alert notification system
  • 15 requests for support
  • 20 hours Web Specialists Support
1159 Monthly
  • Backup system
  • Alert notification system
  • 40 requests for support
  • 40 hours Web Specialists Support

Need more? Contact us.

You can cancel contract during 30 days from start in any time without any reasons.
After that you can cancel contract with 30 day notification prior to cancel date



We use support service from Iteora for 3 month and it’s fantastic. I forgot about my problems with freelancers - guys from Itera do all work very fast and qualitatively.

Irvin Daniels, USA, Denver, CEO - jStone Insurance

Thanks to Iteora Support System - we save all of our data during hackers attack. Iteora engineers help us to find problems and “holes” in our software, after they had fixed it and all data were restored. This support is amazing.

Tomas Riegel, Hamburg, Germany, Self Employeed

Our startup regular needs for software developer and web designer services, but for pay salary around 50k euro / year for each specialist is too expensive now. We find great solution - Enterprise Package from Iteora Support. We use software developers, designers and content writers regullarly for building new landing pages and devleoping new features and this save a lot of money and time.

Jean Botie, Paris, France, CEO - Startup (we are not able to give link here)


Sure, we can do it in Basic or Enterprise Package.
If you will need some specialist hours on Monitoring Package - we can give it for 30 euro/hour. But specialists’ availability depends from loading and we don’t guarantee it. If you need guaranteed specialist hours - you should move to Basic Package
During first month you can cancel contract in any time. Money for first month cannot be refunded. After first month cancelation possible at the end of contract period - you should notify us in 4 weeks before ending of a contract
We handle all developing request during 24 hours, all consulting requests in 12 hours and all emergency requests - in 1 hour.

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Phone: +49 (2132) 6735898

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About Us

Our head office is in Dusseldorf, Germany. We also have sub-offices in Russia and the USA.

Our development centers are located in Russia, Ukraine and Moldavia.

Our mission is to develop projects of any complexity at minimum costs and maximum quality.

Our company specializes in Web Projects.

Since 2008 we have completed more than 300 projects in various business areas. Some of our clients: Gazprom, Tele 2, Russian Government and the others.

Core Services

  • Development, testing and implementation of software;
  • Support Services;
  • Mobile applications development;
  • UX/UI design;
  • Web applications development;
  • Creation of development centers;
  • IT and Internet consulting;
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